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Positive Growth!

Shoreline Damage Winter of 2014/2015 may go down in the record books!

by Shannon Henrickson on 02/23/15

As many have noticed, the winter of 2014/2015 has created unusually thick ice on many area lakes in the Park Rapids, Walker, Bemidji and Detroit Lakes areas.  This ice formation can be devastating to shorelines, beaches and even personal property. 

The force that ice formation and expansion has, especially in years with little snow cover, is incredible and has devastating results.  This year has seen severe cases throughout the area such as; tipping mature trees over like match sticks, uprooting established lawns, moving beaches inward, etc.  Even established rock rip rap may need some repair from aggresive ice movements from this winter.

Fortunately, Touch of Eden Landscaping can help you repair your shoreline damage.  In line with local shoreland ordinance and regulations, we can come up with solutions to minimize damage on your property in the future.  We even get the permits/variances for you to properly reestablish your property.

Each shoreline property is unique in its own way and there are different approaches/strategies needed to repair, stabilize and protect your shoreline to minimize damage in the future.

For a free site visit and estimate contact me any time, I look forward to serving you.


Shannon Henrickson

Touch of Eden Landscaping

Spring is Coming to Park Rapids!!!!

by Shannon Henrickson on 03/20/13

With one of the snowiest winters in awhile, we are all starting to wonder if spring is ever going to arrive.  We long to see the grass grow, the trees begin to bud and the flowers begin to poke through the earth and begin to bloom.  Soon the birds will be chirping and all will be well.

Yes indeed spring is on its way, so now is the time to start thinking about your landscaping projects at your lake home in beautiful Park Rapids, MN.

We do all of your spring cleanup needs; we can fix your lawn from snow plow damage or snow mold, Install that patio that you have always wanted, plant a tree for you, or install a beutiful garden around your home.  Just contact us or give us a call.

Spring 2012 has come early - call now to get your landscaping jobs scheduled

by Shannon Henrickson on 03/30/12

With the early onset of spring this year, Touch of Eden Landscaping has already started.  This is a great time to get scheduled in for those projects you would like completed this season.  Maybe its a new patio, spring cleanup in the yard, landscaping around the house, shoreline work down by the lake or a new tree planted for the front yard; whatever it is, we can do it for you!

Contact Us!

Feature Story in the Park Rapids Enterprise "A Facelift for Mother Nature's blemishes"

by Shannon Henrickson on 11/22/11

Wednesday Sept 28th, 2011

Check out the Fall Home Improvement Section 1D of the Park Rapids Enterprise and see the work that was completed on the Gough residence.

Happenings at Moose Creek on Main in Park Rapids

by Shannon Henrickson on 04/28/11

The moose "Larry" returns to his rightful spot in front of Moose Creek along main street in Park Rapids, MN. 

Thanks to Employee Scott Klicker, Drew Maninga and myself (not pictured because I am holding up the rear end), we were able to lug him into position overlooking his own personal pond.  Come by and visit "Larry" the moose, and owner Tom Paulson (by the way, Tom carries some impressive items in the store and out).

Time to Rejuvenate those Ornamental Grasses!

by Shannon Henrickson on 04/04/11

Before the snow completely melts and we find most of Hubbard County under a burning ban.  I recommend you rejuvenate your ornamental grasses with a flame!  Fire is a natural way of removing dead top growth, minimizing thatch build up and allowing maximum sunlight to reach the crown of the grass.  Your ornamental grass will look great for the rest of the season.  (Always use caution when burning, wet the surrounding area thourougly, do this on a calm day, obtain appropriate fire permits and keep ample water at the ready).

Thinking about fruit!

by Shannon Henrickson on 03/25/11

"We are born believing, a man bears beliefs as a tree bears apples."  Ralph Waldo Emerson.   This leads into an important topic of pruning....this time of year is an excellent time to prune your fruit trees before it gets too warm.


March Doldrums

by Shannon Henrickson on 03/19/11

So now that spring is literally right around the corner - what is the first thing you are going to do in your yard?  :)

Granite walkway 11th Crow Wing Lake, Akeley, MN
Custom Lighting incorporated into existing landscape, Lake Belle Taine, Nevis, MN